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5 Best Digital Marketing Conferences In-House SEO Guide 2019

February 8, 2019

[#2 is golden for in-house SEOs]

Attending Digital Marketing Search conferences offer many advantages to the in-house SEO or digital marketer looking to stay current on a continuously changing industry.

Search conferences are key events in our industry where knowledge is shared and relationships are born.

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As I write this, YoastCon 2019 is actually in progress in the Netherlands - Watching the Livestream! 

Keeping current on your search career is critical of course, getting to a digital marketing conference is a great way to get and stay current.

Also, just by getting out of the office and interacting with other like minded search professionals can really energize you in ways reading blog posts or skimming group forums in Reddit simply can’t.

You will learn and hear from industry leading experts teaching about what’s hot or trending, and what’s still relevant. You come away with loads of actionable things you can integrate into your day job - practically immediately.

If you’re really interested in advancing your career in search - attending these conferences offers the opportunity to engage with other vendors, brands and companies.  

More importantly engaging with others in your field. Connect with them on Linkedin and stay in touch and help each other out.

You might also find yourself attending as a speaker! Which is not only fun, but very rewarding!

In no particular order I’ve outlined 5 search conferences I highly recommend you attend

(I have attended each of these myself and spoke at one).

If you don’t see one you’d recommend - let me know!



C3 digital marketing conference

C3 is a 2 day event, held in NYC, and operated by Conductor, a software company.

I’ve attended this conference at least five or six years in a row. The speakers are great, many industry leaders like Will Reynolds with SEER Interactive, and in-house search professionals from many types of industries.

Last year they had three tracks any attendees could participate in


Big Picture Strategy

Creative Innovation

Winning Tactics

The general mix of attendees ranges evenly between manager and Director, and more B2C and B2B than agency.

Here's a graph pulled directly from Conductor showing the mix of attendees to its conference.

This year, C3 2019 appears now to be a 3 day event. (I'll be attending so let me know if you're there!) 


They mention in their 2019 conference page, “C3 2019 isn’t just about career development – it’s also about personal development”.

Stay tuned for the full 2019 agenda.



The pricing for this year is $799 through 2/18, but even at $1199, I found it to be very reasonably priced, and always walked away with loads of super helpful and insightful information.


As one who used Conductor Searchlight in my day to day work in-house or as a consultant for my clients, I always appreciated the Searchlight tracks. There they dig in and help you 1:1 with any reporting or optimization of the platform.

Attention In-House SEOs!

If you're in the process of evaluating which SEO platform technology to choose - this latest version of my SEO Platform Analysis is a must! I've been comparing SEO platform tech stacks since 2008 - all that insight is compiled into this guide - including Brightedge, Conductor, questions to ask these vendors during the research phase, and so much more! 

Click on the link below and get your copy!




SMX Advanced is a 3 day conference held in June in Seattle - a really nice month to visit Seattle!

SMX is not backed by a software company, or digital agency - they are independent and packed with industry expertise.

Geared to experienced search marketers, digital media professionals, senior level executives and decision makers.


Best. Conference. Ever.

One of my favorite conferences as you can guess - and the reason for that is simple - I've appreciated the very granular level of SEO focus and advanced information provided.

If you are hyper focused on SEO at an advanced level, this conference is the one to get to.


This conference has been in existence for 10 years now, with loads of tracks you’ll be torn which to attend.

They do offer four pre-conference workshops, at an additional fee.



Advanced SEO Training with Bruce Clay / Advanced AdWords Training, Hardcore Technical SEO Tactics & Techniques / In-House SEO Exchange***Highly recommended for any in-house SEO manager

The tracks outlined for this year are:



SMX Insights



In the SEO track you’ll find everything from Mobile-First & AMP for the Advanced SEO to the latest Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors: 2019 Edition.


The dates this year are June 3 - 5 and you can find more about SMX Advanced here.


The cost for this event cost for an All Access Pass is $1,795. And Workshop only is $895.


I would recommend the all access pass - there’s just loads of stuff you need to sit in on and absorb.

smx advanced for in house seo
I’ve attended the In-House SEO Exchange, led by Jessica Bowman - great workshop for any SEO managers looking for a place to share their own learnings, and pick up a few great ideas to put into practice back at work.



Traffic & Conversion Summit 

Traffic & Conversion Summit

Yet, another great reason to visit San Diego each year in February. This 3-day event hosted by Digital Marketer, provides tools and trainings for digital marketers.


This conference always has loads of really enthusiastic speakers - from all around the world, even has some celebrities.


This year their Keynote speaker is Richard Branson - that oughta tell you a little about the level this conference operates at.


As an attendee it is overwhelming to say the least. This is the largest marketing event in North America - and it’s no joke. Get in early, leave late - but by all means take good notes!


The have seven different breakout tracks - quite a bit but the kind of tracks appeal to many types of marketers.


This isn’t for any one digital marketing discipline only - it appeals to many.

Opening Keynote is always Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. Always does an impressive Keynote.


I’ve been to some conferences, where its best just to sleep in and get to the conference after the opening keynote - don’t miss Ryan’s. His energy and passion for digital marketing is contagious - what he speaks about is strategic and brilliant.


Go and judge for yourself.

T&C tracks are coordinated by who you are or what group you might feel most associated with -


Agencies Only

Conversational Marketers

Content Marketers

Digital Retailers

Digital Advertisers

Big Ideas

Growth Hackers


Because there’s such a wide variety of audience members - agency owners, solopreneurs, in-house marketers - etc, there’s an even wider amount of topics covered - from “The Rank And Review System for Amazon Sellers: How to Use Messenger to Take Control of Your Amazon Business”




“Profit with Facebook Ads from Day 1 by Optimizing the Most Important (and Under-Utilized) Webpage in Your Funnel”

If you hurry you can make the conference.



The All Access Pass is $1995 until Feb 14th, then it's $2695 up until conference start date later this month. You can check out T&C Summit conference registration page over here



SearchLove San Diego 
(There is a Boston & London SearchLove also!)

searchlove san diego

SearchLove is a two day conference sponsored by Distilled, an online marketing agency. They have offices in New York, London and Seattle.


I’ve been to both Boston and San Diego conferences. If you aren’t able to make it to the west coast in March, the Boston conference is held in June 10th and 11th.


If you’re located in the UK, you can also get to their London SearchLove conference, which will be held October 14-15 of this year.


This two day conference has actually grown tremendously in the last number of years since I’ve been. Includes loads of really great technical information - analytics, optimization and all the hot important to know topics are covered.

SearchLove always had a great variety of speakers. This year in San Diego you’ll hear Rand Fishkin (BTW if you haven’t ever heard Rand speak, you must  - he’s part genius and geek - always informative and highly recommend any SEO listen). Krista Seiden from Google will be there as well as Will Reynolds from SEER Interactive (he gets around )


Who is this conference for? In-House SEOs, Agency SEOs, Marketing Managers, and Business Owners.

They do not have multiple tracks - so makes your life a whole lot easier - there’s nothing to figure out - its all single track and all in the same room.


Like many of these conferences - there’s ample opportunity to network and get to know other attendees at their industry drinks and after session parties.



The price of their tickets are offered at the following rates: Ticket is $1299, there is a video ticket bundle that costs $1349, and VIP Bundle is $1599 - here’s the registration page to check it out.

SearchLove is very reasonably priced - unless you’re headed to every one of these this year.



International Search Summit

International Search Summit

International Search Summit is a 1-day event, and is run by Webcertain, an international digital marketing agency.


If you are running paid or operating SEO internationally - having local language expertise is critical - you should look to hire an agency like Webcertain, to focus on the native language and international nuances.

The best conference for any international search marketer - bar none. They now have expanded over the last 10 years to multiple locations.


This year they run their conferences in Munich, Barcelona and Boston in North America.

Self Disclosure - I actually hired them to work with me while I ran a global in-house SEO team. CEO, Andy Atkins-Kruger, is a consummate professional and operates his international agency with expertise and precision.


The way International Search Summit is setup depends largely on the location you attend.  


You’ll learn about International Migration, and Navigating the complex world of Geo-Targeting and Hreflang or learn How to implement a full International SEO strategy effectively.

Depending on the location - Barcelona, London and Boston have the most speakers and speakers. All great insight and information on SEO and PPC internationally.



The cost to attend the one day event depends largely on the location you decide to visit.

The Boston Event is $225 Early Bird Expires Aug 30th! 

Barcelona is £115 Super Early Bird Expires 5 September. 

BONUS: Grab a 10% discount when you apply this code: ISSBOSJT10 to get your 10% discount on both Boston and Barcelona

The London event is £395 - check out all their locations and registration information over here

BONUS Stuff-  If you’d like to see a much larger list for the entire year - check this out

My advice would be to choose one in the closest location to where you are - and expand from there next year. But get to at least one this year!

Ok Which one are you going to this year? 

Be a hero - please share this list with someone you know who should be attending one of these this year.


About the author 

Janet Bartoli

Founder and Strategist-in-Chief With over 16 years experience creating and managing SEO, and digital marketing programs for some of the world’s most iconic brands (Verizon, Fiat, Payless Shoes, Bank of Montreal, etc)

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