How Do You Start a Career in SEO?

July 28  

Is SEO Still a Great Profession?

There are no shortages of blog posts, or “industry leaders” that talk about how to get into a career in SEO, or whether or not working as an SEO is a profitable profession.

The simple answer is, yes, SEO is still very much alive and working. If you choose to become an SEO professional there’s a lot more about SEO you should be learning than just how to acquire backlinks. 

According to the median US salary for an Search Engine Optimization Manager is $77,821 - it goes way up from there if you have experience, live near a metropolitan city and are particularly skilled at something no one teaches… the business side of SEO. 

You excel and can easily grow your SEO career from specialist, to manager, director and Vice President (I know, I’ve done this and have many friends who’ve achieved the same) - if you acquire a skill set never taught in any online or in person SEO course. 

In case you need another stat - here’s one from Ziprecruiter… Head of SEO Annual Salary $129,963 - that’s a US National Average, it goes way up from there. 

But...Where Should I Go To Learn SEO? 

There’s been a gigantic void for the last 16 years when it comes to learning or applying SEO management or the business of SEO programmatically speaking. 

Lots of stuff about backlinks, and rank reports, and what’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress, but absolutely nothing at all about how to get started when just starting out in a new SEO campaign. 

It takes a lot more than tactical activities to make an SEO program successful. 

After 16 years of leading, managing and developing SEO programs for so many clients large and small, I still get asked by just about any new SEO I meet, “Where should I go to learn SEO?” or “Where do I even start, there’s so much to know?.”

For too many years this has inhibited the SEO professional’s career. It’s hurt the SEO industry, where many don’t take SEO seriously. 

Because SEO doesn’t get taken seriously, as though it were actually the #1 revenue generating activity across all digital marketing channels.

small business seo websites

It gets commoditized - you’ll hear clients nickel and dime you to death. “Oh I don’t want to pay for a technical audit?” 

This burns me up! SEO, when done effectively, and strategically, is extremely profitable for any business. 

It also negatively impacts those with in-house SEO leaders because they are ill equipped to know what it takes to effectively lead and manage any size SEO program. 

When I say, any size SEO program, I mean anything from a small local services business to large scale enterprise global properties. 

Let’s face it there is no formal training at all when it comes to finding out how to effectively systematize and lead an SEO program. 

This leaves you the SEO (or your internal SEO) frustrated, anxious, and unsure about their actual career prospects long term. 

If you were like me when I first started out, you were very excited and ready to dive right in. 

Maybe you read the whole section in SEO 101 in

Or you’ve taken a free course or two in SEMrush, then maybe watched a few YouTube videos from some dudes showing you how to buy backlinks and get keywords ranking, but absolutely nothing at all about the business side of managing SEO. 

SEO is hard enough. It’s not hard, like rocket science, but it is complex, ever changing and takes a great deal of analytical and strategic thinking. 

You shouldn’t have to hunt through Facebook groups, searching Sub Reddits, and YouTube channels to figure this all out by yourself.  

I’ve had the privilege of many years of struggle, typical SEO frustrations, learning on my own, and learning from many other SEOs. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to manage SEO clients of all sizes, developing educational SEO workshops for some of the world’s largest well known brands, agency teams, developers, editorial teams and have realized tons of SEO success throughout my career.

In Expert SEO Masterclass training here’s just a little bit about what you’ll learn: 

 💡The 3 Tiers Every Successful SEO program MUST adhere to (developed for some of the largest well known brands)

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 💡 The Tactical Things that always make SEO Work - Technical SEO without learning to code, Content Audits & Intent Analysis, and how a link building program works for all business types

 💡 How to sell SEO as a consultant/agency, pricing your programs for five figures or more each month

 💡 Bonus Extras including How to advance your SEO career, SEO Summit Interviews with SEOs in the trenches, with 10+ years experience. Get weekly 1:1 coaching, and mentorship meant to help you in whatever your day to day SEO challenges might be.

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One of the world’s leading SEO strategists for B2B and recruitment industries. Since 2004, she has led, built, and trained over 5,000 digital marketing teams, developers, and large corporate organizations SEO programs for Fiat, Verizon, Bank of Montreal and more. Janet has helped staffing and recruitment agencies to double and triple leads and sales online by 42%+ and conversions by 200% from organic traffic.