Which is Better for SEO Kajabi or WordPress?

written by Janet L Bartoli | Thought Leadership, Use Case

February 11, 2022

How Do Perform SEO On a Kajabi Site? (and Is it Possible?)

Wondering whether or not you should build your course business website on Kajabi or WordPress? 

There are many types of platforms you can build a scalable and indexable website on. Yes, WordPress is a gold standard and one I highly recommend. In order to remain transparent and speak to experience over "gut feel" I'm working on an SEO experiment, called "Kajabi SEO: Is Kajabi SEO Friendly?" where over on my YouTube Channel and on my Kajabi website "ExpertSEO Masterclass.com" I'm building out a full 6 month SEO experiment. 

It's one thing to talk about SEO, it's another to actually put it into practice and show real-world results.  What are all the things necessary to get your Kajabi site actually in Google's index, and ranking? 

Instead of just guessing, or assuming, why not actually put it into practice and see for real. The basic tenets of SEO must be applied no matter what platform you use, Kajabi, WordPress, Shopify... they all MUST have the following ability:

  1. Include unique title tags for each page
  2. Include a unique meta description for each page (even though this applies only to conversions from SERP pages) 
  3. Add a single H1 Tag to your page
  4. Include internal linking within your site 
  5. Optimize your images for page speed 
  6. Establish an XML Sitemap & add to my Google Search Console account
  7. Access my Robots.txt file 

So far, I am able to apply all those basic SEO elements to a blog post or web page within my Kajabi site. What's next? 

The Content Strategy

It is very important to establish a content strategy. The strategy will be based on the type of traffic I'm working on building to this site. There will be a number of questions I will go through to determine the right content framework for ExpertSEOMasterclass.com. 

Just a few of the content questions I will answer throughout my content strategy development: 

Who will best be served by the content? How can I deliver the most value to them? What is my top of funnel (problem aware, not solution aware) content? 

If you'd like to follow along in my 6-month SEO experiment, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel over here where I'll upload a new video each week.