Ready To Make Your SEO Programs Fast, Efficient, and Timely? 

SEO should never feel overwhelming. We all know it's a necessary digital marketing activity to help drive sales growth and revenue in our businesses, but many business owners, and senior executives just need something right now, not six, nine or twelve months from now. 

The BCG Team is happy to provide our customers with a smart SEO sprint cycle of SEO work that helps build your online sales and traffic in a much faster and more efficient way through our four SEO Sprint sets.

There are 4 Short SEO Sprint Plans to Choose From

Every business is unique, and every business should have a specific SEO plan that meets the needs of that business, wherever they are in their SEO journey.

Whether your business has never had SEO performed (Startup SEO) or whether it's in a very competitive industry, has a baseline of SEO but needs something else (Growth SEO) we have an SEO program that will meet your business needs right now, and it all comes in a short, four to eight week sprint cycle. 

Local SEO No Physical Address

Startup SEO

Get all the basics setup

> Google Analytics setup & analysis

> Google Search Console setup & analysis

>Google My Business setup & analysis

>Full site technical SEO diagnostic

>SEO Consultation & Strategy

structural seo

Structural SEO

Establish foundational SEO

> Keyword research 

> On Page optimization

> Page level analysis

> User intent analysis

> Content audit & search behavioral analysis

> SEO Consultation

seo growth

Growth SEO

Grow & Scale your SEO

>Competitive analysis

>Keyword & Search Analysis

> Content strategy

> Topic Ideation

> Content Expansion Planning

> Content development (Max 20 New Pages)

> SEO Consultation

Promotional SEO

Expand your reach building trust & authority off site.

> Backlink profile audit

> Link prospecting

> Link acquisition

> YouTube Channel and Video Optimization

> SEO Consultation

Need Help Selecting the Right SEO Plan for Your Business?


How does an "SEO Sprint" work exactly?

Is a contract required for this work?

Does this mean there is no recurring SEO work?

How many SEO Sprints will my business need?

Will there be ongoing monthly payments?