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The Team at BCG, led by Janet Bartoli, has earned the track record of being one of the most successful SEO consultancies in the industry. Increase your company's annual revenue with the #1 Digital Marketing Revenue Driver in your online marketing stack. 

How The BCG SEO Sprint process Works

Sprint 1: foundations

Not every business has all the SEO basics in place.

We leave no SEO stone unturned. This SEO Sprint includes the following:

  • Google Analytics Audit & Analysis with KPIs & tracking established
  • Google Search Console set up and analysis
  • Google Data Studio (Now called Looker Studio) Dashboard Reporting & Setup
  • Full Website Quality Audit (Technical & Content) with prioritized recommendations
  • SEO Consultation and Strategy Development 
sprint 2:

Once you're site has gone through the Startup Sprint, we focus on all the existing site-side content. This SEO Sprint includes the following:

  • Keyword / Search Intent Analysis
  • Content Strategy Development 
  • On-Page Optimization & Page Level Analysis
  • New Content Development / Existing Content Refresh
  • Content Audit & Search Behavior analysis 
  • Competitive Search Analysis 

sprint 3:
digital pr

Since Google is still very much a link-based algorithm, we like to ensure that your site has the backlink profile of a top ranking site. This can also include optimizing your YouTube Channel, and podcast optimization.

  • Backlink profile audit & clean up  
  • YouTube Channel and Podcast Optimization
  • SEO Consultation on Off Site Best Practices
  • Press Releases
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 placements to gain the most authoritative visibility

sprint 4:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) occurs by effectively optimizing that new site traffic so that it converts to customers. We do that through a full on site CRO analysis to find the "holes" in your website conversion funnel.

We help our clients build a cross channel platform and cross channel digital strategy that can include re-marketing advertising. 

  • Establish Conversion Strategy
  • Add in Call Tracking to Track all inbound leads 
  • Provide A/B Testing to Low Converting pages
  • Improve buyer journey & remove conversion blocks
  • Re-marketing ads on Google, Social Media platforms 



A full end to end SEO program involves a full SEO team, that begins with a custom strategy program, and expertise.


Every website migration or redesign should start and end with SEO involved throughout the launch process. 


We develop clients UX, digital marketing or strategy, and align all marketing strategies.


SEO isn't something developers, copywriters or marketing is born with. We teach them.

BCG Team Training

SEO Team Training

Each team has an SEO responsibility. Every company has a wide variety of teams including developers, product marketing, copywriting, etc.

No matter what each must all know SEO and how what they do impacts your search performance. We provide team specific trainings meant to get your teams smarter; always applying best practices no matter what changes your website goes through. 

Marketing Consultation

User experience, influences conversion rates site-wide. If you have a site that might be generating traffic, but does not experience a solid 2-5% consistent conversion rate there may be other reasons for this.

Some of which might include the site is not "mobile friendly" or that your site lacks any call to action or buyer journey. Our marketing consultation can help pin-point some often overlooked areas in your site and help you determine how to best influence greater conversions.  

marketing consulting

What Is


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is part technical and part marketing. In order to have a high efficient, lead generating website, you must have an SEO program built into your company's digital marketing ecosystem. 

Whether or not your business has ever invested in any form of Search Engine Optimization, it's important to understand that your prospective clients and customers all start online with a search. According to Forrester "Our research shows that 92% of B2B purchases start with search"  

SEO is one of the BEST revenue generating digital marketing activities there is - even when compared to social or email marketing... SEO tops them all! 

A Few of Our Most Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Feel Free to Contact Us Directly if you have an SEO question not answered here. 

  • Is SEO Better than PPC?  They are BOTH necessary to support a well-rounded Digital Marketing strategy.  
  • How Does an "SEO Sprint" work exactly?  Each of our SEO Sprints comes in either 12 or 24 weeks. Each SEO activity within that sprint works on a very condensed set of necessary SEO activities. 
  • Is an SEO Contract Required for this work?  No contract is required. You purchase either a 12 or 24 week SEO Program, and we work to deliver all the necessary SEO activities within that time period. 
  • Does this mean there is no recurring SEO work? Yes, each SEO sprint operates as a stand alone managed service. Many of our clients will request an additional sprint to repeat 2-4 times throughout the year, many times that is the Growth and Promotional SEO sprints to ensure ongoing content and link acquisition is sufficient in accomplishing their stated SEO goals. 
  • How Many SEO Sprints will my business need? It all depends. Every business is different, and every business has unique business goals and objectives. We assist and share performance with our clients and make recommendations, but it's ultimately up you the business and the budget allocated. During our initial SEO consultation meeting, we will make a recommendation. 

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