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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Book A Free Strategy Session

Once you book your meeting, you will immediately receive a calendar invite and confirmation of your meeting. We want to make this as productive for you and your team as possible.Your strategy session will be recorded so that you can have your strategy to refer back to anytime. Janet Bartoli, Adam Levin, and Kurt Schneid will meet with you and provide you with specific actionable strategies you can immediately apply to your digital strategy. There is no obligation to work with us, but if you feel you'd like to, we'll talk about next steps for your business. 

SEO Strategy

We'll supply you with some immediate SEO "low hanging fruit" - many times these are simple things you can change yourself. Janet will also be sure to provide you with an initial audit summary of your site. 

Website Strategy

Adam will provide you with his point of view, offer some recommendations on your website in it's current state, and talk to you about how to get your site mobile optimized, talk about how to include a security certificate in your site, and ways in which you can immediately improve your site's overall user experience.

Video Strategy

Kurt discussed having a video content strategy. He'll help you think through the kind of video strategy your business/industry would benefit most from. He's the video expert and can really help you whether you've never done video before or not. 

Digital Strategy Education

Our goal out of all this is to provide you, the business owner, with some expert insight and education all along the way. If all you do is walk away applying one of the many best practices we shared in our presentation, you'll be ahead of your direct competitors. 

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