increase sales & organic traffic & keywords across core products

Project type: SEO   

Client Industry: ecommerce - retail

project timeframe: 6 months


The client has a Shopify site and sells natural skin care products to women, primarily based in Australia. This ecommerce brand was looking to increase organic traffic to the site and focus on top of funnel, or pre-awareness traffic. There were many typical Shopify technical barriers, and no content strategy.   

Ecommerce SEO case study


Once a full analysis of the client's goals and objectives took place, and learned what products were providing the most revenue, the focus went to the Shopify site. There are a few inherent Shopify technical issues that were resolved through a full website quality audit, conducted through our proprietary sprint 1 framework.   Janet Bartoli, along with the BCG team developed new content strategy to appeal to this brand's very specific target audience type, based on user intents. 

the results

Over the course of time this client had her developer implement the prioritized SEO changes and within weeks the new changes were noticed by Google, and as a result, increased traffic to the core product pages. There was a 300% increase in new traffic, the traffic value of the keywords ranking for the site increased from $128 to $426, and the site as a whole saw an increase of 108% new keywords ranking for the site. 

This Skincare Ecommerce Client Achieved

traffic growth 
increase keyword visibility
traffic value increase

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