Increasing Search Visibility to New Job Seekers

Project type: SEO & Site redesign  

Client Industry: staffing & recruiting firm 



This staffing agency needed to find a new revenue generating source other than job posting sites like Indeed, or Monster, etc. With less than five pages, and a 5+ year old site design, the recommendation to redesign and restructure the site was recommended. This brand was not ranking for any non-branded keywords, and was not able to track conversions in their site, or have a way to show web performance. 

SEO staffing challenges


The Bartoli Consulting Group performed a full website quality audit of the site, and competitive content gap analysis to identify specific content gaps and establish a new content strategy. The BCG team brought in a new web development team to work on a new modern redesign and navigational menu of quality content to attract a new audience of job seekers. We also worked with this client to determine specific conversion points across the site. The point was to not only attract new traffic into the site, but to have a way to convert that traffic into new job seeker applications. 

the results

The site now has a 400% increase in new keywords ranking for the site and has increased search visibility to all its 37+ new pages in the site. Additional new content was developed to with the inclusion of a new "knowledge center" where it houses competitive job seeker related content, and new location pages to attract its diverse tri-state location based visitors. The site now also has a solid conversion path established from all traffic sources that lead into one of a three conversion type funnels, for job seekers, and workforce solution clients. 

This Staffing Client Achieved

increase job applications
New site traffic
increase in traffic value
increase keyword visibility
all traffic to site comes from google
decrease in page speed
client satisfaction

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