It's time you learned how much traffic + clients your website SHOULD be getting from Google. If you'd like to schedule an analysis for your website, just click the button below to book your analysis - the cost is absolutely FREE

What You’ll Get During This Call

Brief Discovery Session

We'll collect the data and necessary competitor information from you

Your Detailed Report

This report will be shared with you to show you the traffic forecasts based on your data

Review Your SEO Potential

Get a clear understanding to determine whether SEO is worth the undertaking for your business

Expert SEO Consultation

You'll walk away with a list of recommendations, from one of the industry's leading SEO experts that you can apply to your website from just this one meeting

This Traffic Projection Analysis= Predictive Analysis for your business

Our team built this proprietary tool that uses your website's data, your direct or indirect competitor's keywords and a series of growth models to build organic traffic growth projections .... and here's how that works

Step 1:

We combine your website's data + competitor's data.

Our tool will pull in data from your Google Analytics account and map it against Ahrefs data from 10 of your competitors. 

Step 2:

Calculate a series of "organic growth models"

By using a series of advanced formulas, the tool will calculate a series of growth forecasts predicting your organic traffic. 

Step 3:

Receive a PDF report showing your organic potential. 

This is a 4 page report that clearly shows you how much traffic your website could/should be getting from Google

Frequently Asked Q's

What is the purpose of booking a call?

Our Traffic Projection Analysis is 50% automated by proprietary software, 50% human analysis by our team of SEO experts. In order to run it accurately, we need additional inputs about the website, history and goals. This is a quick call, it only takes a few minutes to get the data we need.

Isn't this just an "SEO Strategy"?

No, this is a traffic projection analysis, which is a summary view of your website's organic traffic potential growth over a 12 month period. This prediction is made at the keyword + page level, and it is based on your current existing traffic per keyword, and the potential traffic from Competitors and Seed Keywords.

How accurate is this traffic projection analysis?

The estimates are as accurate as they can be. It's important to keep in mind, these are estimates. There is [literally] no way to predict organic traffic as Google's algorithm changes daily. These should be used to explore if investing in SEO is right for your website. This report will help determine that.