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What we do

Provide each client with a customized strategic roadmap

SEO works incredibly well when there's a plan in place. Like most things in marketing, and in life, you need a plan to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be. SEO is no different. Most organizations, especially the largest well-known brands online today, have no formal SEO strategy or roadmap. We build a customized SEO strategy for each client we work with. 


It's important to understand your business goals and objectives, what other digital marketing activities you're involved in, and who your competition is

The Plan

We leverage data inputs into developing your SEO strategy. Establish analysis and construct a six month plan mapped to your SEO strategy, and factor in your SEO ROI

Review & Launch

Once the strategy is refined, formalized, we roll this out to our client stakeholders, and request approval and agreement prior to launching the plan

Tailored strategic recommendations


Every client, whether large enterprise or small regional business, we start every project off with a full in-depth technical analysis. This allows us to understand the root cause of poor traffic growth or limited indexation of pages. This is an advanced level technical auditing custom to each client's unique technology, and site architecture, and is never a cookie-cutter solution. 


User intent goes beyond keywords to describer what a user is looking for when they turn to a search engine. We construct a full persona and user intent analysis to understand what your customers are searching for, at the time they search for it. Establishing a buyer journey within your content strategy is part of this process. 

Trust & Authority

The search engines, most particularly, Google still uses a link-based algorithm as part of its indexing and ranking process. We only leverage the current industry standards and best practices when it comes to link acquisition. We do NOT buy links and do not advocate for any of our clients to do so. Instead, we developed a method that gets our clients off site trust and authority built for the long term growth of the site.

why we do it

We’ve been there

After working in the search marketing industry for well over 16 years, Janet Bartoli, acting as strategic lead, has deep specialization in designing search engine optimization strategy and end to end program development. With a long history working with multinational brands in ecommerce and B2B while working within an agency, client side and as independent consultant - she has pretty much seen it all when it comes to SEO challenges and solving them as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

We want to bring innovation

After working with so many large well-known brands, lots of learning has occurred, new insights into what works and what doesn't any longer. It's all apart of the SEO process. SEO does work, it works well when all teams within a single business understands how they play a role in what their SEO program looks like, and whether it works or doesn't. SEO training and education along with SEO Governance is at the heart of what we do, and how we help our clients grow. 


What our clients say

Stefanie zazulek 

Digital Marketing Director,
Pearson Education

"Trusting a search consultant is easy when they produce quality work - that's what we always got when working with The Bartoli Consulting Group. Very customized, the kind of deliverability you get from those high priced management consultant firms - every time."

Clara parker

Sr. SEO Manager,
Arrow Electronics

"I loved the work The Bartoli Consulting Group did for us! We finally got at the root of our indexation issues through a very advanced set of technical audits and evaluations - would highly recommend working with this smart team! "

Just a few of the clients we've served...

bartoli consulting group seo clients


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