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 when you have seo plugged into your marketing systems 

SEO Gets More Visits to Your Website, More Conversions, and More Revenue Than Any Other Digital Marketing Channel..

SEO works incredibly well when there's a plan in place. Like most things in marketing, and in life, you need a plan to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be. SEO is no different. Most organizations have no formal SEO strategy or roadmap. We build a customized SEO strategy for each client we work with. 


It's important to understand your business goals and objectives, what other digital marketing activities you're involved in, and who your competition is.

The Plan

We leverage data inputs into developing your SEO strategy. Establish analysis and construct a six month plan mapped to your SEO strategy.

Review & Launch

Once the strategy is refined, formalized, we roll this out to our client stakeholders, and request approval and agreement prior to launching the plan

Ongoing Performance

We work to iterate as needed, tweaking and improving performance over time to ensure each client gets the most qualified traffic to their site. 

“Janet’s passion and enthusiasm for helping her clients achieve their digital marketing objectives was amazing. She drove multiple strategic engagements for some of Accenture’s top clients – ranging from Search to Analytics to Personalization. Janet is an authority on search engine optimization (SEO) and drove a multi-million dollar global SEO program for one of our top auto clients.”

Ryan krenn, Accenture interactive

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After working in the search marketing industry since 2004, Janet Bartoli, acting as strategic lead, comes with a deep specialization in designing search engine optimization strategy and end to end program development. With a long history working with multinational brands in ecommerce and B2B while working within every space an SEO can work within: management consulting, client side, and as independent consultant - she has pretty much seen it all when it comes to SEO challenges and solving them as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

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